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Forteresses du quadrilatère

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Vous pouvez partager vos connaissances en l’améliorant (comment ?) selon les recommandations des projets correspondants.

Les forteresses du quadrilatère sont cheap childrens replica football kits, entre 1815 et 1866, un système défensif autrichien en Lombardie-Vénétie qui se déploie en un quadrilatère dont les sommets sont les forteresses de Peschiera discount football shirts replica, Mantoue, Legnago et Vérone, compris entre le Mincio usa football shirt, le Pô, l’Adige et vers 1850 la voie ferrée Milan-Venise qui permet d’assurer le ravitaillement. Difficiles à contourner, elles empêchent le mouvement des troupes ennemies dans la plaine du Pô.

L’expérience de la guerre de 1859, au cours de laquelle les canons rayés sont utilisés pour la première fois

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, et qui ont une meilleure portée et une plus grande précision, conduit Vienne à construire un second cercle de huit forts distants de moins de quatre kilomètres de la ceinture principale. Avec ces fortifications dont les dernières sont terminées en 1866, Vérone assure la fonction principale du dispositif du quadrilatère, une des plus importantes régions fortifiées d’Europe.


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E.M.I.L.Y. (sometimes, EMILY or Emily; acronym for Emergency Integrated Lifesaving Lanyard) is a robotic device used by lifeguards for rescuing swimmers. It operates on battery power and is operated by remote control after being dropped into the water from shore, a boat or pier, or helicopter. Using an impeller motor to travel through water, it is able to reach victims much faster than a human lifeguard can by swimming, and it more compact and less expensive to maintain than manned watercraft. It can also operate in weather and surf conditions that make other rescue attempts impractical. Once it reaches the victims its foam core allows it to function as a floatation device for up to 4-6 people holding onto side ropes or handles cheap childrens replica football kits.

Emily was created by inventor Anthony Mulligan and Robert Lautrup, and named after Marie Mulligan’s friend, who died in a car accident. It was first tested in Zuma Beach near Malibu, California, and at Depoe Bay, Oregon and Westerly, Rhode Island beginning early 2010. In July, 2012 lifeguards there made one of the first rescues using Emily, pulling a father and son to shore after they had been caught in a rip current.

A new multi-day duration gasoline powered variant of EMILY for ocean based storm tracking and weather data collection has been developed under funding by NOAA.

In January 2016 EMILY joined Roboticist Without Borders team from The University of Texas A&M Center for Robotic Assisted Search and Rescue on successful mission to Lesvos Island, Greece to assist in ocean rescues of Syrian Refugees crossing the Aegean Sea from Turkey to Greece. In the first few days of embedded missions with the Hellenic Red Cross water backpack for running, EMILY assisted the Red Cross and other Lifeguard organizations to help 250+ refugees safely come ashore on Lesvos. There are currently systems with the Hellenic Red Cross, the Hellenic Coast Guard, and in Turkey.

Battle of Bornhöved (1227)

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The (second) Battle of Bornhöved took place on 22 July 1227 near Bornhöved in Holstein. Count Adolf IV of Schauenburg and Holstein — leading an army consisting of troops from the cities of Lübeck and Hamburg best lemon press, about 1000 Dithmarsians and combined troops of Holstein next to various Northern German nobles — defeated King Valdemar II of Denmark and the Welf Otto the Child.

Valdemar and his predecessor King Canute VI of Denmark had previously conquered Holstein, Mecklenburg, Hamburg, Lübeck (1202), Ratzeburg and the coast of Pomerania including the island of Rügen.

The contest was maintained with great firmness on both sides, and continued for an unusual length of time, and the carnage was so great, that its combatants are said to have fought knee deep in blood. The King of Denmark had one of his eyes shot out, and had several horses killed under him, but his troops and their allies fought with so much bravery that the victory would have been theirs had not the contingent of Dithmarschen, a Saxon ethnic group, deserted their colours. At the most critical moment of the action these troops passed over to the enemy, and the Danes were obliged to give way. In the confusion that followed Otto I, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg and the Bishop of Ribe were taken prisoner. Otto was sent to Rostock, the capital of a lordship held by Mecklenburg, where he was shut up in a fortress. But the King of Denmark, who escaped from the field, busied himself in repairing this disaster by forming a fresh army, with which he kept the enemy in check.

As a result of the battle cheap childrens replica football kits, the Danish border with the Holy Roman Empire was moved north again from river Elbe to the Eider River, the southern border of the Duchy of Schleswig. This border remained in effect until 1806 cheap socks. The victorious Adolf IV of Schauenburg regained the County of Holstein and his fellow victor Albert I, Duke of Saxony reasserted himself as liege lord of the Counts of Schauenburg and Holstein against the Welf claim. Dithmarschen shook off Danish supremacy and returned to a very loose overlordship by the Prince-Archbishopric of Bremen france football shirt, paving the way for its de facto autonomy as a peasant republic until 1559. The Principality of Rügen was the only possession in the Holy Roman Empire left to Valdemar after the battle.

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