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Norwegian Ornithological Society (1920–1935)

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The Norwegian Ornithological Society of 1920 (Norwegian: Norsk ornithologisk forening av 1920) was a Norwegian society for the promotion of ornithological studies.

The society was founded by H adolph’s tenderizer. Tho. L. Schaaning, an academic and bird collector who had worked as curator at Stavanger Museum since 1918. He called for a „Norwegian ornithological central station“ to be located in Stavanger, in a May 1920 article in the Stavangeren newspaper

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. His pleas were not only for a research station, but also the establishment of a society for the promotion of ornithological studies.

In June 1920, Schaaning got in contact with six people willing to form an interim board of a Norwegian Ornithological Society. They were Gustav A. Arentz, Frederik Hansen, Erik Berentsen, Aamund Salveson (chair, deputy chair and two board members of Stavanger Museum), Oscar Collett and Carl Emil Petersen. Together Schaaning and this group campaigned in newspapers nationwide, calling for benefactors to help found an ornithological academic journal.

By the end of 1920 Collett (and his wife) were the single largest benefactors of the journal; by 1200 kr he had contributed 22% of the journal’s assets, more than twice as much as any other individual. Arentz, Petersen, Berentsen and Jakob Dreyer followed with a NOK 500 grant; Hansen and P. Chr. Schaaning contributed NOK 200. Four people gave 100, six people gave 50 glass bottle company, five gave 30 and fifty gave NOK 20. Norsk ornithologisk tidsskrift was issued for the first time in March 1921.

The interim board functioned until the first general assembly of the Ornithological Society, on 31 March 1922. It was decided that the board membership should reflect Norway’s five regions (East, South, West, Central and North). Since the organization was operated out of Stavanger buy water bottle, however, it would prove difficult to hold regular meetings. It was therefore decided to supply the board with four deputies, all residing near Stavanger. As board members, the general assembly elected H. Tho. L. Schaaning (South), Askell Røskeland (West), Hjalmar Broch (East), Håkon Lie (Central) and Herm. Fjeldberg (North). Deputies became Gustav A. Arentz, Frederik Hansen, Erik Berentsen, Oscar Collett and Ths. Poulsson.

The membership remained steady at c.190–200 people. No members‘ meetings were held; exceptionally some meetings were arranged by Herman L. Løvenskiold in Oslo in the late 1920s. The last written annual report was published as Norsk ornithologisk tidsskrift in 1931 describing the year 1928–29. Norsk ornithologisk tidsskrift continued until April 1935 when issue 14–15 was published, and went defunct after that. The society was succeeded by a new Norwegian Ornithological Society in 1957.

Anexo:Personajes de Ni Hao, Kai-Lan

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Blue (nacida el 5 de noviembre de 1995 en Shanghái) (voz original de: Jade-Lianna Peters) Es una niña maestra (de aproximadamente 12 años) que comparte su bilingüismo (ella sabe español y chino mandarín) junto los amigos animales. Ella baila y canta cuando hay problemas, para resolverlos. Suele decir la palabra „super“. Su nombre, Kai-lan, es el nombre del creador en chino, Karen Chau.

Rintoo (nacido en 1998 en Hubei) (voz original de: Jack Samson) es un tigre impulsivo de nueve años y es considerado el mejor amigo de Kai-Lan.

Tolee (nacido en 1997 en Chongqing) (voz original de: Khamani Griffin) (derivado de la palabra en náhuatl (tlah)tōlli (cuestión, idioma y lengua) es un koala de díez años y uno de los amigos de Kai-Lan. Tolee desea ser un oso Panda. Su amor por los pandas se revela en el episodio Kai-lan’s Campout, en el cual él aparece usando una camiseta y unas pantunflas de panda mientras sujeta a su muñeco de panda llamado „Pandy“. Pero el no quiso compartir su muñeco de panda.

Hoho (nacido en 1999 en Sichuan) (voz original de: Angie Wu) Es un mono de ocho años y es amigo de Kai-Lan y da el super salto safe glass water bottles.

Lulu (voz original de: Bevelry Duan) Es una tierna rinoceronte rosa buy water bottle, siempre lleva un globo rojo en su cuerno que le ayuda a volar y es una de las mejores amigas de Kai-lan.

Yeye (nacido en 1946 en Hunan) (voz original de: Joey Mazzarino) es una manera informal de decir abuelo paterno. El personaje de Ye Ye está formado con aspectos del padre y abuelo paterno en la vida real de Karen Chau.

Shane Rimmer

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Shane Rimmer (born 28 May 1929) is a Canadian actor and voice actor, known for providing the voice of Scott Tracy in the British television series Thunderbirds (1965–66).

Rimmer has appeared mainly in supporting roles – especially in films and television series produced in the United Kingdom, having immigrated to England in the late 1950s, initially performing as a cabaret singer and then auditioning for Thunderbirds.

His appearances include roles in films such as Dr. Strangelove (1964), Rollerball (1975), The Spy Who Loved Me (1977), Gandhi (1982), Out of Africa (1985) and Crusoe (1989). More recently, he has appeared in Spy Game (2001) and Batman Begins (2005).

In the earlier years of his career, Rimmer appeared uncredited in, among other films, You Only Live Twice (1967), Diamonds Are Forever (1971), Star Wars (1977) and Superman II (1980). With the exception of cast members playing recurring characters, he has appeared in more James Bond films than any other actor. He also is believed to have provided the voice for the character Hamilton (played by Robert Dix) in Live and Let Die (1973) („Whose, uh buy water bottle, funeral is it?“ („Yours“))

Rimmer had a long-running association with TV producer Gerry Anderson. He was the voice actor behind the character of Scott Tracy. He drafted the story for the penultimate episode, „Ricochet“ (1966), from which writer Tony Barwick penned a script. Rimmer thought the studio rates for voices in those days were „absolutely deplorable“. Years later after working on Thunderbirds, Rimmer, along with Matt Zimmerman umbro football socks, got a solicitor. They informed him of the sort of money they got, and the solicitor then got Rimmer and Zimmerman an immense raise in the residuals.

He also wrote scripts and provided uncredited voices for Anderson’s subsequent Supermarionation productions Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons (1967–68), Joe 90 (1968–69) and The Secret Service (1969), appeared in episodes of the live-action series UFO (1970) and The Protectors (1972–74), provided voices for Space: 1999 (1975–77), and guest-starred in one of its episodes, „Space Brain“ (1976). Later, he appeared in the un-televised 1983 pilot Space Police (which was adapted as a full TV series and renamed Space Precinct in the 1990s) and provided the voice of the title character in Dick Spanner, P.I. (1986–87).

Rimmer and fellow Anderson associate, American actor Ed Bishop, would joke about how their professional paths frequently crossed, calling themselves „Rent-a-Yanks“. They appeared together as United States Navy sailors in The Bedford Incident (1965) and as NASA technicians in the opening of You Only Live Twice (1967), as well as touring together on stage, including a production of Death of a Salesman in the 1990s. Rimmer and Bishop also appeared in the BBC drama-documentary Hiroshima, which was completed shortly after Bishop’s death in 2005.

Rimmer appeared once in Doctor Who (in the 1966 serial The Gunfighters), and twice in Coronation Street: as Joe Donnelli (from 1968 to 1970), who held Stan Ogden hostage before taking his own life, and Malcolm Reid (in 1988), the father of Audrey Roberts‘ son Stephen. He has made many guest appearances in British TV series for ITV, including Roald Dahl’s Tales of the Unexpected, as well as ITC’s The Persuaders! In 1980 Rimmer played Edward Condon in the BBC mini-series Oppenheimer, which was rebroadcast in the United States in 1982, and appeared in the 1984 miniseries Master of the Game, opposite Dyan Cannon.

In 1989, Rimmer was reunited with Bishop and another Gerry Anderson associate, Matt Zimmerman, during the production of a BBC Radio 4 adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s A Study In Scarlet. In 2012, he recorded a reading of Donald Cotton’s Doctor Who novelisation of The Gunfighters for release in February 2013.

In 2010, Rimmer returned to Thunderbirds, in a 15-minute fan movie (simply entitled „Thunderbirds 2010“) what tenderizes meat. He portrays Jeff Tracy in a voice over on Thunderbird 3’s radio, towards the end of the movie, instructing Scott and Alan to take the three astronauts they rescued in the movie to an intact space station, and return to Tracy Island in anticipation of a storm in the Pacific.

In 2013, Rimmer played the role of Leo Carlin in audio drama The Mighty Carlins by award-winning Canadian playwright Collin Doyle. The recording was produced by Wireless Theatre Company.

In 2014, Rimmer released his first fiction novel Long Shot, through amazon.co.uk/com. This marked his second foray into publishing, having released his autobiography From Thunderbirds to Pterodactyls four years previously.

In 2015 played the role of „Anderson“ in the Science Fiction short, DARKWAVE: Edge of the Storm (released in 2016). The film was released for free online and can be seen at the Darkwave homepage. www.darkwavepictures.co.uk

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