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Chalet Royal

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Chalet Royal is a former restaurant located in Den Bosch in the Netherlands. It was a fine dining restaurant that was awarded one Michelin stars in the period 1958-1976 and 1998-2011.

Chalet Royal was one of the founders of the Alliance Gastronomique Neerlandaise in 1967.

Kees van Gaalen founded “Chalet Royal” in 1937 as a hotel-restaurant. He was already owner of restaurant „Royal“ in the Visstraat, when he decided to branch out and buy the villa. After a complete renovation of the villa, it opened in 1937 for the public.

Head chef in the first star period Harry van Engelen. His successor was Toine Hermsen, who was unable to retain the star.

The restaurant was forced to close in 2011, when the owner of the building wanted to make better use of it. Chalet Royal, user of about 350 square metres of the about 1500 square metres big building most popular water bottles, did not fit in the new plan. Buying the building was not possible for restaurant owner and head chef Gerrit Greveling.

After that, Chalet Royal building has been substantially rebuilt and underwent a complete metamorphosis. The renowned building houses two entrepreneurs: Edwin Kats and Mark Peet Visser. Edwin Kats, who received his first Michelin star in 1995, for Restaurant De Swaen what are the best goalkeeper gloves, and his second star followed in 2002, for Restaurant La Rive, welcomes you to Restaurant NOBLE with a contemporary and international concept. Mark Peet Visser exhibits his top collections in a newly built wing of the building.


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