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So It Goes (song)

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So It Goes“ is a song written and recorded by Nick Lowe in 1976. The single was Nick Lowe’s solo debut following his departure from Brinsley Schwarz, and was the first single released on Stiff Records meat tenderizer on steak.

Following the demise of the band Brinsley Schwarz phone pouch for running, Lowe had formed the ad hoc band Spick Ace & the Blue Sharks with Martin Stone of The Pink Fairies and members of Dr. Feelgood. Contractual difficulties prevented their recordings being released and despite manager Jake Riviera’s efforts record companies were not interested in signing Lowe as a solo artist.

In the summer of 1976, Riviera borrowed £400 from Dr best running fanny pack. Feelgood’s Lee Brilleaux and rock photographer Keith Morris and along with former Brinsley Schwarz manager Dave Robinson formed Stiff Records. Stiff gave Lowe £45 to record two songs and accompanied only by drummer Steve Goulding of The Rumour recorded “So It Goes” and the B-side, “Heart of the City”. The single was released on 14 August 1976 with the catalogue number Stiff BUY1. The single was marketed through specialist shops and by mail order. Although it failed to chart, it more than recouped its investment and helped kick-start a new generation of DIY independent labels.

The record has the following messages in the run out grooves: „Earthlings Awake“ and „Three Chord Trick Yeh“.

The single was voted the fifth-best single of the year according to the New Musical Express critics poll.

The song is featured in the 1979 film Rock ’n‘ Roll High School (with the Ramones), and the 2008 film Adventureland.

In the 1969 novel Slaughterhouse-Five, Kurt Vonnegut used the phrase „So it goes“ as a transitional phrase to another subject, as a reminder, and as comic relief. Generally the phrase was used after every time someone’s (or something’s) death is described or mentioned in the novel.

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